HuffPo contributor, attempts to hide her TERF activities and then tried to erase this from the internet.

The original article was hosted there until Julian Vigo had it removed by contacting Cristan’s host.

So im republishing it here with permission so she cannot erase it from the internet.

Back on March 11, Dana Taylor published her account anti-trans TERF harassment on the TransAdvocate. She noted that Julian Vigo participated in some of the harassment:

Gallus Mag of Gender Trender (TW for extreme Transmisogyny) 

This is an image capture of a comment made by @gallusmag that shows those who favored her tweet. Note that Julian“Human Rights Consultant” Vigo, writer for the Huffington Post and author of a transmisogynistic article on Counter Punch liked the tweet.

While I don’t recall ever claiming that I was planning on killing myself, according to Julian Vigo I had taken to twitter to dramatize the various ways I was going to off myself because I was playing some sort of abusive political game.

Then, of course, TERFs began the mocking and gaslighting dog-pile…

Using a sock account which claims to be a hacker…

… Vigo used the account to both defend herself and troll Dana:

Note that Vigo’s sock account admits to knowing what happens on Vigo’s personal twitter account. Apparently Vigo didn’t think that her sock account trolling activities would be tracked back to her:

After my reply, Vigo stopped posting. Today, I received the following from Disqus:

Let’s be clear about a few things. One of only two possibilities are true:

1.) I created everything in PhotoShop (as Vigo’s sock account claims) and there is no personal info because it’s all fake.

2.) It’s not Photoshop’d and this info is real, hence reporting it to Disqus.

Which is it, Vigo?

So, apparently someone (yes, I’m looking at you, Vigo) went to Disqus to complain about me publishing “personal information” in the comment wherein I provided proof that Vigo was trolling Dana.

I welcome Disqus looking at Vigo’s trolling.

Disqus TOS

In fact, I invite HuffPo and any other organization she writes for to inspect Vigo’s behavior around trans people:

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