So this is why the articles had to be moved here

> Greetings, 
> This owner of the domain has used this domain to post 
> defamatory and harassing content about my client and to incite harassment 
> and violence as well. This person whom you host uses several aliases, 
> among which is Dana Taylor. I represent Julian Vigo who is mentioned 
in two 
> separate post half way down the page. 
> Julian Vigo is a scholar and filmmaker and has never had contact with the 
> individuals mentioned therein to include the owner of this domain. 
None of 
> the events mentioned in your client's post are factually correct. In 
> these two posts, Julian Vigo is accused of being a radical feminist, 
she is 
> not. She is a well-known anthropologist and cultural critic who wrote a 
> piece two years ago for an American journal, CounterPunch, documenting the 
> "war" between feminists and transgender women and because of publishing 
> this piece has faced harassment and threats by several individuals to 
> include your client. This page is a continuation of some of the 
behavior my 
> client has had to tolerate. 
> Here are some further examples of defamation in these posts: Julian Vigo 
> did not post anything on the website mentioned in the aforementioned post 
> (from the context of what was recounted above; another ISP kicked off 
> client or your client's accomplice for having posted this same material 
> which is now reposted on your domain); the reposting of the defamatory 
> comments on your server repeats the publishing of comments which are 
> untrue. Reposting information from the previously annulled website, 
> publishes this: "After my reply, Vigo stopped posting. Today, I received 
> the following from Disqus" followed by a message from Disqus. From this 
> message wherein Julian Vigo is not mentioned, your client has 
> and then posted more personal information about my client: 1. that Vigo 
> posted the comment above, 2. that Vigo has a third-party fake online ID 
> though which she posts, and 3. that Vigo went to Disqus to complain 
> her name not at all being associated anywhere. In fact, as you can tell 
> below this post are links to Julian Vigo's Huffington Post and 
> articles, the basis for this vexatious ire. To repeat, my client, Julian 
> Vigo, has never had any interaction with the people mentioned in this 
> website, one of whom is your client who uses your services to defame 
> Vigo and to fictionalize reality. 
> Under New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania state law, it is unlawful to 
> engage in defamation of anothers character and reputation. Defamation 
> consists of: 
> (1) a statement that tends to injure reputation; 
> (2) communicated to another; and 
> (3) that the speaker knew or should have known was false. 
> These defamatory statements involved your user at the IP address 
> If your company does not comply with this cease and desist demand within 
> this time period, my client is entitled to seek monetary damages and 
> equitable relief for this user's defamation. In the event you fails to 
> this demand, please be advised that Julian Vigo has asked us to 
> communicate to you that she will pursue all available legal remedies, 
> including seeking monetary damages, injunctive relief, and an order that 
> your client pay court costs and attorneys fees. Your liability and 
> exposure under such legal action could be considerable. 
> Additionally under EU law, Article 14, as a service provider, you have the 
> obligation to act "expeditiously to remove or disable access to the 
> information." 
> Before taking any legal steps, however, my client wishes to give 
> you the opportunity to discontinue your illegal conduct by complying with 
> this demand within ten (10) days. 
> As my client has been harassed by the owner of this domain for the 
past two 
> years, please do not divulge my client's name to the owner of this domain. 
> Regards, 
> Elisabeth Chang

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